Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys Jim Sullivan Encourages Learning How to Live

Houston Theft Crime Defense Attorney Jim Sullivan defends people in criminal and juvenile courts throughout the state of Texas.  Frequently, Jim Sullivan counsels people in learning
  • how to live in a more positive and productive way,
  • how to overcome negative habits and addictions,
  • how to seek out and learn a trade or marketable skill,
  • how to seek gainful employment and
  • how to grow their self confidence and belief in themselves.
As long as you live, keep learning how to live. ~Seneca, Roman philosopher, 1st century
Despite these difficult economic times in which we live, it is not the end of the world.  Positive change in our lives is always possible.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  That saying still holds true today.  As Napoleon Hill wrote,
Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.
This positive mental attitude can carry you throughout your life.  Learn how to live.  It will save your life and will set a positive course for your children and your children's children.

If you need a Houston Criminal Lawyer or Houston Juvenile Lawyer, you can Attorney Jim Sullivan right now at 281-546-6428.

Attorney Jim Sullivan is also Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Mr. Sullivan has many good qualities that set him apart from other lawyers, but his most unique one saved our daughter from a felony on her record. Last year our teenage daughter was arrested and charged with a violent crime. The police took her to juvenile detention, and they kept her. She was a good student, had never been in trouble. My wife and I were frantic. We were told we couldn’t bond her out, didn’t qualify for a lawyer, and had to hire our own. We’d never hired a lawyer. We didn’t know anyone. This was all new to us.

My wife and I are professionals. We searched online. We found many lawyers advertising as juvenile lawyers. We researched them thoroughly. We read their websites, client reviews, peer endorsements, work history, and at the Texas Bar the areas of law they practiced. It was clear they were almost all criminal or family lawyers, many seemed to be jacks of all trades, but few specialized in juvenile law.

We wanted the best lawyer we could find to defend our child. We wanted someone who genuinely cares about children and has a history of fighting for children, not against them. It is true that by their works you will know them, so we didn’t want a former prosecutor. We just don’t believe prosecutors can change their stripes, and after reading several news stories critical of court-appointed juvenile lawyers, we realized we were much better off to hire our own lawyer.

Ultimately, we found and hired attorney James Sullivan. He has been board certified in juvenile law since 2004 and has defended adults and children since 1994. After meeting with Mr. Sullivan at his office for two hours, we knew he was the right lawyer to defend our daughter.
Our daughter committed the crime in front of other students. She took what an older boy told her literally and responded in a violent way.
Mr. Sullivan was able to get our daughter released back to us at her first detention hearing. At court the best the prosecutor ever offered was a felony probation at home.

When we discussed our options privately, Mr. Sullivan startled me with a question, had my daughter ever been screened for Asperger’s syndrome? Mr. Sullivan thought she might be on the autism spectrum based on his observations of my daughter’s demeanor, social awkwardness, facts of the case and that I worked in engineering. Mr. Sullivan said if she did have autism then he could get her felony case transferred to mental health court where her case would be dismissed upon completing the program. I didn’t think she did, as not one single person in her entire life had ever even hinted at the possibility, but if it could help her then we would have her screened.

A few weeks later we were surprised to learn that our daughter indeed has Asperger’s, and that there was professional help available to assist her. Furthermore, despite the prosecutor’s strong objections, Mr. Sullivan managed to have her case transferred to the mental health court by explaining that just because no one was aware of her disability when she was arrested did not mean she did not have one. To our daughter, Mr. Sullivan encouraged her by saying, you are different not less, your positive traits outweigh your deficits, and you can accomplish anything in life you set your mind to.

What Mr. Sullivan did for our daughter and our family was extraordinary. Mere words cannot convey our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude. Mr. Sullivan’s unique quality of discernment not only saved my daughter from a felony on her record, but also enormously enriched herself, her life and her future. I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone needing a good lawyer to defend their child.